Everyone deserves to have a stunning black and white portrait that captures their true character and emotion. Black and white photography is timeless, highlighting the subject’s natural beauty in an artistic way. Mono Onair Studio can provide you with unforgettable photos of yourself or your loved ones, so you can remember special moments for years to come!

每個人都應該擁有一張屬於自己的黑白人像,黑白相象徵了永恆,能展現相片中人真實的性格和情感。在這個黑白人像拍攝當中,Mono Onair 會帶給你人像照的新體驗,令你在多年後都會回味這次拍攝。


Black & White Portrait 黑白人像照

Our Black and White Portraits Trial (黑白人像體驗) service offers a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the timeless elegance and grace of black and white photography.  We aim to create captivating images that become cherished keepsakes. Immerse yourself in the artistry of black and white photography with our exclusive trial service.


    • 10mins Shooting
    • By Onair Team Photographer
    • Posing Guidance
    • Two Retouched Photos
    • High res digital format (jpg)
    • Signature Mono Black and White Style   
    • Skin and Body Retouch




*Please note that makeup, dress and original photos are not included
*max 4 people in one session
*Here are the recommended makeup artist which are also located in kwun tong near our studio, clients can contact them for quotation @zinniamakeup_bridal @lovetimemakeup_kikingai  @cathylmakeup
*We allow clients to come 5mins in advance for preparation
*Please note that all the shots will be taken under studio flash
*Please read the t&c

How to Book?


  • Choose one time slot in the below calendar/在日曆選一個你想拍攝的時段
  • Transfer the shooting fee by/然後將拍攝費用透過以下方式繳付
    –FPS : (email): | (ID): 100961093
    –Bank Transfer: 769-334152-883 (Hang Seng : Riano Limited)
  • Upload the payment success screenshot to the box “payment slip upload”/ 完成繳費後,在 “payment slip upload” 的一欄上傳成功付費的截圖
  • Read the terms and condition and click “Confirm Booking”/請閱讀 terms and condition 然後按 “Confirm Booking”
  • Studio is at Flat 12E, Block 3, Camel Paint Building, 60 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong/影樓地址: 觀塘開源道60號駱駝漆大廈3座12樓E室


I recently had the pleasure of working with Mono Onair Studio for a black and white portrait with my guitar. Their attention to detail was amazing, and the end result was stunning! Every aspect of the portrait was expertly crafted! 


Billy ONAIR的studio portrait,無多餘燈光同背景,影最純粹的人像照。新搞作Mono ONAIR索性將顏色也褪下,快靚正的黑白相體驗,化妝set頭與否,隨意;襯衫插花與否,隨意,有儀式感但無壓力,不求完美但求有型,好玩!

–Rita/Magazine Editor–

I’m so happy that I decided to work with Mono Onair Studio for a stunning black and white portrait! My profile picture has never looked better! I highly recommend to everyone who wants a unique portrait!

–Ida/Yoga Instructor–


  • Wearing garments with heavy textures, such as denim or leather, for the best outcome when using Mono Onair Studio’s style!
  • Avoid busy patterns
  • Don’t wear too much color,  It’s best to dress in monochromatic colors. Wear dark hues like navy blue, charcoal gray, or black.
  • Don’t wear red
  • Dress in layers: Dressing in layers is always a good idea, this allows you to have different looks without much effort. It’s pretty amazing how a jacket or cardigan can change the mood of your images.


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